Junior Sailing Program Information

The BCC offers a dynamic sailing program for our junior sailors. Classes follow the Canadian CANSail Program, and it is suggested that sailors spend a minimum of four weeks in each step of a sequence.

There are links below which help explain each step of the sequence in more detail and provide detailed program information for the upcoming season.

If you have specific questions about the sequence, or where your child should be placed, you may contact our Junior Activities Coordinator or Paul Grenauer, our Junior Activities Director.

Step One
Wet Feet Program(2016 Optimist Program) (age 6-10)

Step Two

White Sail Intro (age 10-13+)
White Sail Intermediate (age 10-13+)

After completion of White Sail,
sailors may move to either sequence:
O'pen Bic (left column) OR
420/White Sail (right column)

Step Three                                                                                                                                                  Step Three
O'pen Bic* Development
‚Äč(age 9+)                                                                                                                  420/ White Sail (age 12-13+)   
O'pen Bic Intermediate (NEW) (age 9+)
O'pen Bic Race Team (age 9+)
420/ White Sail (age 12-13+)

Step Four                                                                                                                                                    Step Four

420 Junior Varsity (age 13+)                                                                                                                            420 Junior Varsity (age 13+)     
Step Five                                                                                                                                                    Step Five                                        
420 Varsity Race Team (age 14+)                                                                                                                  420 Varsity Race Team (age 14+)  Lightning and or Laser Team (age 14+)                                                                                                        Lightning and or Laser Team

*In the O'pen Bic program, boats are supplied by parents, please see O'pen Bic Link for more information
**If your child is age ten or older and does not have any sailing experience, they should start with White Sail Intro

Click the following links to inquire about more information regarding the Junior Sailing programs offered:

Wet Feet program (Optimist, 2016 program)

White Sail Intro / White Sail Intermediate

Bic Development/ Bic Intermediate/ Bic Racing

420/White Sail (NEW) 

420 Junior Varsity

420 Race Team


Tuesday Lightning Racing
Tuesday evenings at the BCC is Lightning racing. We have an incredible group of adults who are Lightning boat owners and sailors and will help introduce the boat and refine teamwork in a 3 person boat. Many Lightning sailors often need crew for Tuesday night racing (gathering at 5:30 pm, races start at 6:30 pm) and this is a great way to get connected with one of the strongest Lightning fleets in the world! Questions about Tuesday night racing? Please contact PC David Starck.

Wednesday Night Races
Wednesday night races is an adjunct program designed for our junior sailors to give them a more competitive racing experience while still working in a familiar environment. It is open to sailors from our Wet Feet to our 420 Varsity team. To participate, check with your sailing instructor if you have questions as to whether or not your child is ready for racing. Sailors must be registered for the Junior Sailing Program in order to participate/ use a BCC Fleet Boat. Sailors should arrive at the BCC no later than 5:30 pm to rig their boats and head onto the water. Sailing generally concludes between 7:00 pm-7:30 pm. Scoring for the races works in three week blocks; awards are given at the Junior Activities Banquet at the end of the summer for each category of boats. After racing, there is a parent sponsored potluck under the tent on the side lawn. Each family is asked to bring a dish to share; it is a great way to know other families in the program. Questions? Please contact
John Marynowski, who is heading up the Wednesday night races in 2018.

Thursday Night Racing
You don't need your own boat to get out on the water and sail! Members at the Club are always looking for Crew on Thursday night. If interested, please contact Stephen Allen, Fleet Captain. We also have the opportunity for our youth to join our race committee. We offer race committee training and everyone is welcome to join and ride along on the Burgee. Please refer to the Racing tab on the website for more information.