Launch/Haul Out Forms

Please note all forms must be completed in full, including all insurance information, signatures and initials where appropriate for work to be completed.  Due to strict insurance regulations, if the forms are not completed in full they will not be accepted. When scheduling a launch/haul out date, we are unable to accept verbal instructions or provide launching services on holidays or weekends. Please send completed launch/haul out forms to Amanda in the Marina Office: OR

2017 Launch paper form  or fill out your request online below
2017 Haul Out form - Members
2016 Haul Out form - Non-Members 


I/We agree to maintain hull & public liability insurance covering the yacht, boat or watercraft owned by me/us & stored on the property or moored in the anchorage of the Buffalo Canoe Club on Abino Bay which coverage shall include such ancillary equipment such as spars, sails, motors or outboard motors, radios & other electronic devices, trailers & cradles & all other ordinary & customer equipment. It is further acknowledged and accepted that: A) The Buffalo Canoe Club assumes no liability for loss or damage to such property or the like property of others by reason of acts of God, or due to wind, water, weather, lightning, fie, theft, burglary or vandalism B) The Buffalo Canoe Club is a not a bailee of such property and assumes no responsibility or liability for acts if negligence on part of its officers, directors, Members, guests, invitees or employees pertaining to such property while it is on Club's premises
Summer E-29B (For American registered vessels only - pursuant to Canada Border Services Agency) In Accordance with the Canadian Border Services Agency and complying with the Winter E-29B that the Buffalo Canoe Club obtained for your vessel for the Winter, your E-29B Winter permit termination date will be your Spring, 2017 launch date. Therefore, once your boat is launched in the Spring, it's first use must be to export/enter the boat into American waters (by motoring/sailing out into the lake). You may then return to the BCC dock and call the CBSA to obtain a Summer permit number, (There is a phone located in the Launch Service Office in the Outer Boathouse with the CBSA phone number posted nearby). If you have any questions in regards to this please don't hesitate to contact our General Manager, Rob Cheevers or our Marina Lead Hand, Gary McKee (905) 894-2750
  CATEGORY                                             PRICING CLASS                                        $ CAN.          
Engine Tune-up 4 cyls. (Plus parts)
Other   (Plus parts)
Replace Fuel/Water Filter(s)   $75.00/hr  
Prep Bottom (same paint) Boat Size $75.00/hr  
Bottom Recoat (same paint)
Rolled On For Max Coverage
Boat Size
Refinish Brightwork          $75.00/hr  
Clean & Wax Topsides Boat Size (length) $9.15/ft  
 Clean Buff & Wax Topsides Boat Size (length) $11.55/ft  
Scrub Deck/Cockpit Boat Size (length) $8.60/ft  
Scrub Topsides (no wax) Boat Size (length) $7.55/ft  
Plumbing Repairs          $75.00/hr  
Repair Rigging          $75.00/hr  
Repair Electrical          $75.00/hr  
Repair Cradle          $75.00/hr  
BYC or Bay Beach Area