Mooring Requests

Moorings are assigned based on the length, displacement, draft
and frontal area of the vessel. 

2017 Mooring paper form or fill out your request online below: 

I/ We agree to maintain marine hull and public liability insurance covering the yacht, boat or watercraft
​owned by me/ us and stored on the property or moored in the anchorage of the Buffalo Canoe Club
​on Abino Bay, which coverage shall include such ancillary equipment such as spars, sails, motors or
​outboard motors, radios and other electronic devices, trailers and cradles, and all other ordinary
​and customary equipment. The Shop requires boat keys left at the Front Desk or Marina Office.
​It is further acknowledged and accepted that:

​A) The Buffalo Canoe Club assumes no liability for loss or damage to such property or the like property
​of others by reason of acts of God, or due to wind, water, weather, lightning, fire, theft, burglary
or vandalism.

B) The Buffalo Canoe Club is not a bailee of such property and assumes no responsibility or liability
​for acts of negligence on the part of its officers, directors, members, guests, invitees or employees
​pertaining to such property while it is on Club premises.