2016 Junior Regatta Recap
Five teams from the 2015 420 Varsity squad attended the Area E Eliminations for the U.S. Double-Handed Junior Sailing Championship at the North Cape Yacht Club, located in LaSalle, Michigan.  Tanner Probst and his crew, Maya Weber, came out on top for the Buffalo Canoe Club.  They finished 2nd and qualified to race in the U.S. Championships.  Meredith Ryan / Will Redding were 8th, Jenna Probst / Mikayla Ward were 9th, Max Balanevsky / Zachary Folds were 16th, Becca Jordan / Carolin Dunbar finished 28th.  Tanner and his lightning crew, Maya Weber and Jenna Probst, also qualified to race in the Triple-handed U.S. Junior Sailing Championships!  Both events were held at the same time at the Mission Bay Yacht Club in SanDiego, California.  They chose to compete in the Triple-handed event and finished 2nd. 
Six JV 420 teams went to the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club for the FOGH BOORMAN Regatta.  In heavy winds, Colin Ray and Tess Weber came out on top for the BCC in 4th place in a 15 boat fleet.  Aidan Young / Reilly Eagan were 6th, Ethan Stoffman / Bart Skala were 7th, Anneliese Schall / Ruby Bratek were 12th, Sam Balanevsky / Garrett Grenauer were 13th and Ben Tudor Price / Hugo Tudor Price were 14th.
The BCC was host to the the Great Lakes Open, O’pen BIC Regatta.   Joe Marynowski was our top sailor followed by Charlie Robinson and Katie Eagan.
The Juniors also traveled to the Youngstown Yacht Club for the Junior Can-Am Regatta. We took two trailers of 420’s and 8 or 9 teams.   The results may be lost at sea, but memories were made, new friends were met and sailing experience was gained.
We had 27 sailors attend a long time favorite regatta, the USA Junior Olympics Sailing Festival held in Rochester, NY.  The 13 Open BIC sailors and 7 420 teams were challenged by the strong winds and open water.  The 420 fleet winner was the team of Colin Ray and Reilly Eagan.  Aidan Young / Garrett Grenaur were 6th, Max Balanevsky / Sam Balanevsky were 9th, Braeden Krzesinski Bommaraju / Hugo Tudor Price were 14th, Anneliese Schall / Ruby Bratek were 18th, Amelia Jones / Lucas Balbach were 19th, Ben Tudor Price / David Mead were 22nd.  The BIC fleet was topped by Charlie Robinson, followed by Joe Marynowski, Maddie Ray, Adeline Perez, Kathryn Eagan, Sophia Shulzhenko, Henry Richards, Keller Waldron, Finn Balbach, Charlie Marynowski, Rowland Richards, Mary Perez and Eliza Young. 
Late in the season, we added the Cork International / Sail Canada Youth Championship 420 Regatta.  Many of our sailors had gained experience sailing outside our bay near Point Abino in big wind and waves.  Typically, Lake Ontario provides the same conditions during the CORK regatta.  The Kingston, Ontario regatta did not disappoint.  420 Varsity Coach, Mike Weber said, “It was challenging sailing.”  He said, “CORK has been tremendous for the boys; a fun and comprehensive learning opportunity that is challenging, yet offers opportunity for success. There are 100 boats, about 10 excellent teams that are extremely fast, and strange trapezoid courses to learn new boat handling. They are enjoying this.”  Colin Ray/ Reilly Eagan and Aidan Young/Garrett Grenaur finished 22nd and 23rd respectively.