Member Dining

Main Dining Room

The Club's main Dining Room is open for dinner service every night through the season, and for breakfast and lunch at the weekends. Through the week there are a number of different menu and buffet offerings, so even if you come and dine at the Club every day through the season there will be enough choice to keep you interested and coming back for more.

With windows on two walls, the main Dining Room offers spectacular views over the lake and gets lots of natural light in the summer months. Watching over the Dining Room are the portraits of all of the Club's Past Commodores, which provides a strong link to the Club's rich history.

Pirate's Den

The Pirate's Den, or the porch as it is often referred to, houses the Club's main bar, and serves as a more casual dining space than the main Dining Room. With the recent bar extension there is more room to order and the Club's bar staff will always be happy to greet you with a smile and pour your usual. The bar opens at 11am each day, and is licensed until 2am.

Snack Bar

The Snack Bar is one of the busiest areas of the main Clubhouse. Open from 8am until 8pm, it is the perfect place for breakfast, for a lunch on the go or for a light dinner. With the selection of ice creams fully stocked there are always some kids around too.

Abino Room

Also known as the Past Commodores' Room, the Abino is a perfect space for a special family dinner, a meeting or simply for cocktails after a long day on the water. The 2nd floor deck looks out over the beach an onto the lake, offering some beautiful and relaxing views.

Outer Boat House

The Outer Boat House can be rented out for private events, and is the ideal venue for weddings, showers, birthdays and more. Duncan is always happy to discuss booking out the space, so give him a call or an email to discuss your event today.