Welcome to O'pen Skiff

O'pen Skiff "Formerly O'Pen Bic" is an option in the junior sailing program sequence after the completion of White Sail. Families must supply an O'pen Skiff boat for sailors' use. Generally, there are boats for sale by Members of children who have outgrown the boats. (check the link below or the ads within the monthly Burgee). Please contact our Club Program Manager if you would like more information on purchasing or selling a boat.  Sailors typicaly spend a minimum of four weeks in each step of the O'pen Skiff sequence. (This is based on skill ability and age). Instructor approval is needed to advance to O'pen Skiff race team. 

About O'pen Skiff Intermediate:
This program is for sailors with one year experience sailing the BIC. Sailors will learn boat speed and basic racing skills while following the CANSail 2/3 curriculum.  Intermediate sailors may attend the O'pen Skiff Great Lakes Championship. 

About O'pen Skiff Race Team:
Race team is a focused experience; sailors will work on refining their racing and/or freestyle skills. Coach approval is necessary, and this will be targeted towards sailors with at least 2 years of sailing the Skiff. Participation in regattas is encouraged. Sailors will follow the CANSail 3/4 curriculum. O'pen Skiff Race team sailors may attend the O'pen Skiff Great Lakes Championship.We will be accepting 10 boats per week to participate.