Welcome to Wet Feet (Opti Double)

About Wet Feet:
Wet Feet sailing is the first step in the Buffalo Canoe Club Junior Sailing Program. Children should plan to participate in the Wet Feet program for a minimum of  three to four weeks.   Students’ progression through the program will be determined by the instructors. 

Wet Feet Curriculum:
Wet Feet introduces young children to sailing in a fun and safe way using the Vanguard Prams. Games and activities are incorporated to keep learning enjoyable. After learning how to rig the boat, junior sailors move into shallow water and learn how to steer a boat, pull in the sail and determine where the wind is coming from. Children in the Wet Feet program will sail with either 1 or 2 other sailors & depending on skill level there is the opportunity to sail solo. Instructors are nearby, either standing in the shallow water or in their coach boats, providing safety while giving the children a sense of independence and developing their self-reliance. Over time, basic race courses and boat handling skills will be introduced while keeping the focus on fun. Sailors will follow the CANSail Wet Feet curriculum.