Welcome to Junior White Sail & White Sail Advanced

White Sail is the second step in the sailing sequence, after completion of Wet Feet program. Older children without Wet Feet sailing experience as well as children over 9 yrs of age with Wet Feet experience, may be considered in this program. Generally, sailors spend a minimum of four weeks in each step of the White Sail sequence, depending on skill level. 

About White Sail Intro:
This is for the beginner sailor, ages 9+, or children who meet the requirements outlined above. Basic sailing skills will be taught with an emphasis on FUN! We will cover nomenclature, safety, rigging, crewing and also introduce steering. We will emphasize and foster a love of sailing and waterfront activities, which will translate easily into sailing skills. Please see your child's sailing instructor to help determine when your child is ready to move up to White Sail Intermediate, as this will vary on an individual basis. Sailors will follow the CANSail 1 curriculum. 

About White Sail Advanced:
This is for the intermediate sailor, ages 10+ (recommended age) who has a working knowledge of sailing and boating safety. Steering will be offered and encouraged, but not required. These sailors will be expected to venture out in higher winds than White Sail Introduction. Certain activities may be combined with White Sail Introduction according to class size, wind strength and students age. Sailors will follow the CANSail 2 curriculum.