Swimming Lessons

All Junior Activities programs will operate in accordance with public health guidelines.
The Buffalo Canoe Club is an ideal setting for a child to learn how to swim. From a young beginner to an an older teen or adult, Abino Bay is perfect. Private lessons are also available.

Red Cross Pre-school, Duck, Sea Turtle, Salamander
3 – 5 years of age, perform a front, back, vertical position (with assistance), move forward, backward, and use arms (with assistance), move forward backwards assisted, front, back floats and recovery assisted and uses buoyant objects for support, can enter shallow water safety;  float and glide on the front and back without assistance;  move around in a PFD, perform rhythmic breathing 3 times.

Ages 6+
Level 1:  6 years of age or older, can float/front and back, exhale through mouth and nose;  flutter kick while gliding on front and back;  swim 5 metres continuously
Level 2:  Deep water activities; can breathe rhythmically 10 times;  glides front/back with kick for 5m and swim 10 metres continuously
Level 3: Can swim front crawl at least 5 metres, arms recovering above water;  and swim 15 metres continuousl
Level 4: Can surface support 45 seconds;  swim front crawl at least 10 metres;  swim on back with kick 10 metres;  swim 25 metres continuously.
Level 5: Can swim front and back crawl at least 15 metres;  perform the whip kick on back at least 5 metres;  perform kneeling dive and swim 50 metres continuously.
Level 6: Can swim front crawl and back crawl at least 25 metres;  swim coordinated elementary backstroke at least 15 metres; and swim 75 metres continuously.
Level 7:  Can swim front crawl and back crawl at least 50 metres;  swim elementary backstroke 25 metres;  whip kick on front 15 metres;  and swim 150 metres continuously.
Level 8: Can swim front crawl and back crawl at least 75 metres;  swim elementary backstroke and breaststroke at least 25 metres;  swim head first sculling on back 10 metres;  perform a stride jump;  swim 300 metres continuously
Level 9:  Can swim front crawl and back crawl at least 100 metres;  swim elementary backstroke and breaststroke 25 metres;  swim 400 metres continuously.
Level 10:  Are an adolescent or adult interested in participating in a swimming and Water Safety program, based on their own abilities, interests and goals.

Private Lessons
All ages and skill levels

Private lessons will be custom designed to meet the needs of the participant. These lessons can also be semi-private if the participants are at a similar swim level. To book, please contact Brenda Wardhaugh, our Club Program Manager.

Every Tuesday & Thursday
Preschool Swim: 10:00am to 10:30am or 10:30am to 11:00am
Swim Kids: 11:00 am to 11:30 am or 11:30 am to 12:00 pm
Children will be grouped on the first day and assigned to a half-hour slot

Classes will meet with Jennifer, our swimming Instructor, at the flag pole on the beach

Pre-School Swimming, Weekly: $50.00 Member | $60.00 Non-Member
Swim Kids, Weekly, $50.000 Member | $60.00 Non-Member

Please Note:
Prices are in Canadian dollars and include tax
There are no refunds in the event of inclement weather