Junior Sailing Programs

The BCC offers a dynamic sailing program for our junior sailors. Classes follow the Canadian CANSail Program, and it is suggested that sailors spend a minimum of four weeks in each step of a sequence.

There are links below which help explain each step of the sequence in more detail and provide detailed program information for the upcoming season.

If you have specific questions about the sequence, or where your child should be placed, you may contact Brenda Wardhaugh, our Junior Activities Coordinator.

Step One

Wet Feet Program or Opti Single
recommended ages 6yrs-10yrs

Step Two

White Sail Intro
recommended ages 10yrs-13yrs+

White Sail Advanced
recommended ages 10yrs-13yrs+

After completion of White Sail, sailors may move to either sequence:

Step Three

O'Pen Skiff
(ages 9yrs+)
420 Aqua Sport 
420 Junior Varsity
(ages 13yrs+)

Step Four

420 Junior Varsity
(ages 13yrs+)

Step Five

420 Varsity Race Team
Lightning Team

(ages 14yrs+)

*In the O'pen Skiff program, boats are supplied by parents, please see O'pen Skiff page for more information
**If your child is age ten or older and does not have any sailing experience, they should start with White Sail Intro